The Dairy Block

Come visit us at Dairy Block, where we bring a wine country experience to downtown Denver. Just two blocks south of Coors Field, this new micro-district offers a variety of local shops, restaurants and artisans to discover.

Check out our Dairy Block space tour here!

What's on the Menu?

• Our award winning wines

• Wines from top Colorado producers

Stem Hard Ciders

• Non-alcoholic beverages

• Charcuterie boards

• Assortment of local desserts & snacks

• Food delivery from the Milk Market & For[a]ged

Wine On Tap

Our Denver tasting room serves 8 of our award winning wines right from the tap. This not only reduces our carbon footprint, but means our wine is served with quality in mind. With zero oxidation and exposure to light, our wine on tap is served at peak freshness, guaranteeing a delicious glass with every pour!